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California CD Sampler will feature one of our own!!

Rae Nyx, Dallas Receptionist, will be featured on a California CD Sampler that is being put out by MB Agency! Rae’s band Diminished 5th are picking out the song at this very moment. Rae is a recent graduate of MediaTech and has become a vocal coach of some of our students! We can’t wait until it all goes through! We will post an update as to when the CD will be released! Check out Diminished 5th’s facebook page at www.facebook.com/pages/Diminished-5th/194614857237397 and their myspace page at www.myspace.com/dim5thmusic! Or follow Rae on Twitter at www.twitter.com @Rae_Nykie_Nyx! Read more
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Hay, Hay, Make a Wish and Turn Away

Mediatech Austin alumni Adam Beam releases 2nd full-length CD,  “Hay, Hay,Make a Wish and Turn Away,” as percussionist in the band Norman. From the Gazette Times: Knowing Norman is a bit like knowing what WinCo and Reser Stadium used to be called.Chances are you’re a local,and,if you love this place,or have loved in this place,you can’t help but be drawn into the band’s earnest lyrical wanderings down local streets and valley back roads. The band just finished its second full-length album,”Hay, Hay,Make a Wish and Turn Away,”which follows up on the 2007 self-titled debut album “Norman”and 2008 EP “You Were Read more
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Mediatech Austin’s Joe Brindley Drops New EP “Hades’ Home”

Performing as Allum Creek, Mediatech Austin’s Joe Brindley announces the launch of his latest EP release Hades’ Home. From Brindley: “Hade’s Home” is a collection of five songs that I don’t know how I reasoned they fit together, some of them are based on truth, some not, some are about people I know, and others are completely fictional or started one way and took a turn for the other. There isn’t a true overall theme, there are similarities in some of the stories and topics. It is just a collection of songs I wanted to put together so that I Read more
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God Only Knows from Jonny Dub, Craig Robinson, and Cam Rogers

Check out the Atom No. 5 remake of God Only Knows featuring Jonny Dub on vocals, Mediatech instructors Craig Robinson on keys, Cam Rogers on drums, and Mike Mordecai on trombone. Track was engineered, mixed and mastered at Mediatech’s Arlyn Studios in Austin, TX. [audio: //mediatech.edu/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/02/god-only-knows.mp3] Read more