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Recording Arts Program Dallas TX: Get More Hands-on Experience

A great recording arts program in Dallas TX prepares you for the types of things you’ll encounter in your career. Like Johnny Apple, if you get your training at MediaTech, you’ll be able to feel confident when your job requires you to take the next step in deepening your knowledge of the recording arts field. When he was looking into the schools available to train him for his future, he considered FullSail, but opted for MediaTech because he felt he would have more hand-on time on the boards to really hone his skill set. That’s what we strive for at Read more
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Audio Engineering Courses in Dallas, TX; Learn What to Expect Here

Are you considering enrolling in audio engineering courses in Dallas, TX? Below you will find a brief summary of what you can expect to gain from doing so. First, let’s examine just what an audio engineer is. Audio engineers do much more than record music–they are artists in their own right, and often producers, collaborating with musicians to sculpt the sound of each song. Too, they are experts in a wide variety of technologies, techniques, and recording equipment. Now, here is an overview of the kinds of equipment you can expect to become familiar with. In summary, you will be Read more