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Touring with the Band: Music Industry Gigs and What They Pay

Whether you’re into hair bands or hip hop, you may have wished you could tour the word with your favorite band. Extravagent backstage buffets and longs nights of partying await you, but would you earn any money? Payscale.com decided to talk to some music industry insiders of today and find out what it’s really like to go on the road with a band. The following are insider tips on snagging a job as part of the crew, learning needed skills, networking, typical pay and more. Expect long hours Whether running a spotlight (a mid-career live performances lighting technician earns around Read more
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Should You Play Music Full Time?

Question: Should You Play Music Full Time? Note that the advice in this article is geared specifically towards musicians and does not address going full time in other music industry careers. Answer: Taking the plunge and deciding to play music full time is exciting – and terrifying. How do you know when the time is right? Will you be able to pay your bills while playing gigs? There are a lot of questions to consider. Of course, if you’re ever REALLY going to make it as a musician, this is a step you’re going to have to take someday. Some Read more
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Facing the Music Industry as an Independent Artist

It’s true that industry professionals and artist mind sets could not be farther apart. They are on two totally different sides of the game, yet working together as a team. All industry people probably receive anywhere from 15 to 200 emails or calls a week from indie artists wanting to work with them or get their advice. This is not an exaggeration. Most of these calls/emails are unfortunately misguided and are not going to get the artist anywhere just based on their approach. As an indie artist I am sure this must be incredibly frustrating… constantly sending out emails to Read more
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The 3 biggest problems with recording an acoustic guitar

Here are the 3 biggest problems I face when recording acoustic guitar: 1. Boomy sound It’s so tempting to slap a mic 3 inches away from the strings and start recording. It sounds so present and in-your-face. You’re capturing all the detail and nuance. You’re also capture a LOT of low end. Proximity effect is not your friend. If you place the microphone too close, you will be wrestling with low end when it’s time to mix, and you’ll be kicking yourself. Back the mic up. 2. Stereo fever I went through a phase where I insisted on always using two Read more
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Learn from a Legend-Frank Filipetti | Attend the AVID Webinar and Live Q & A (Thursday, July 28, 2011 @ 12 pm)

Join Grammy-winning producer| engineer| mixer | Frank Filipetti (Book of Mormon, James Taylor, Korn, Elton John) and Avid’s Tony Cariddi for an insider’s look at what it takes to be successful in the music industry. Hear about Frank’s beginnings and how his experiences shaped his work and career path. Discover his approach to mixing Get the scoop on why he switched from analog to digital before everyone else Find out how he transitioned his studio to his home Hear why Pro Tools|HD Native is the biggest leap in sound quality he’s experienced Plus, Frank will be available during and after the Read more
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“The Importance of Creating Momentum”

I wrote this for my blog. It’s about pursuing your dream in general. But, I thought I’d share it here because it applies to all of us. And who knows? This piece could keep someone who’ll make history in music going for one more day. I added a bit to the end to share how it applies to our music careers. Hope you’ll enjoy and be motivated to keep moving. This may sound incredibly obvious (because it is), but it is one of those obvious truths that we don’t consider enough. Because considering it might actually motivate us. The key Read more
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Congratulations To One Of Our Own!

Our receptionist, Rae Nyx, will be featured in a CD Sampler for MB Agency in California! Her band, Diminished 5th have decided to place the acoustic version of “Come With Me” on the CD have been working hard to finish their album in hopes of having it out in the next year! Rae has been keeping herself busy with her band and Chae Balistreri, an artist from Longview, Texas. She is the producer and engineer for his album. She has put alot of her time into getting his album just right, as well as her own. To hear the song Read more
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Our 24 Hour Race Entry!

Our film students were so excited to be a part of the 24 hour Video Race! They put their all into it and are all very proud of their film! Everyone is ready to see what our students have worked so hard on! We hope to see you all out there in support of our students! Great work, Guys! We are so proud of you! For more information, you can visit www.24hourvideorace.com. Our 24 hour video race entry shows Wednesday at 6pm…at the Angelika Mockingbird Station!! Ours plays first, so if you are late you WILL miss it!!! Read more
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6 Important Things About Singing

by Rae Nyx, Vocal Coach There are many different philosophies on what is most important when it comes to singing. I feel the most important is Passion. It’s pulling the heartstrings of the person listening to the song. I have gotten into sooo many arguments with other vocal coaches about this very thing. Here are the six main aspects to think about or to bring up to your own vocal coach: 1.  Breathing – This is going to sound weird, but almost everyone breathes wrong in the music industry. It’s the most common comment I’ll make when I watch singing Read more
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Balanced vs Unbalanced

You hear the terms “balanced” and “unbalanced”nall the time in the recording world. What does that actually mean? Is balanced better? IS there a difference? Without boring you with a 10-page white paper on the technical differences between balanced and unbalanced cable, let me give you the brief overview. Unbalanced Cable = 2 wires The most common unbalanced cables you’ll find are 1/4″ tip-sleeve (TS) and RCA cables. A guitar cable is a good example of a TS cable. There’s one black divider on the connector, separating two metal sections. These two metal sections connect to the 2 main wires of the cable. One of these is Read more