STUDENT SPOTLIGHT: Film Graduate, Justin Davis, hits a homerun with the Quad Cities River Bandits

Dallas Digital Film Graduate, Justin Davis (JD), is a a Video Production Assistant for the Quad Cities River Bandits in Davenport, IA.  JD started working as an intern in January of 2011.  He is responsible for  Writing, Directing, Shooting, Editing, and sometimes starring in the In-House Promotional Videos. Just take a look at some of the promotional videos for the River Bandit’s themed nights on their YouTube channel.

JD is responsible for  creating Sponsor Graphics (mostly looping animations) for their video boards as well as contributing graphic design assistance when needed.

JD’s Pre-Game/Daily responsibilities include editing the previous night’s game highlight reel,  creating daily graphics (game starters, daily sponsors, etc.), organizing the in-game script, and creating/proofreading PA reads.

If that wasn’t enough, there are eleven different In-Game positions. On a typical game day, JD may work two positions that may include: Director, Technical Director (Switching), Ribbon Board Operator, Video Play Back Operator, Main Video Board Operator, Replay Operator, Sound Mixer, Scoreboard Operator, and three Camera Positions (High Home, Dugout Pit, 3B Concourse).

Below is a highlight reel for the Quad Cities River Bandit’s August 2011 game against the Clinton Lumberkings.

JD also maintains is own film production company FTW! Productions. FTW!Productions is a full service digital media company. Whether its through video or still photography, graphic or web design, FTW!Productions is your one stop solution for your digital media projects.

CONGRATULATIONS to JD and his success!

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