PureMix.Net Mixing Contest

Any of you who have ventured around on the internet have ran into various friendly sites that are friends to engineers, musicians, and producers around the world. A couple that quickly come to mind are Sweetwater and PureMix. PureMix, along with sponsorship from Sweetwater and Dangerous Music, has launched their GearFest Mixing Contest. Now PureMix definitely pats itself on the back as they call it,”The biggest mixing contest of all times,” which could be a bit of an embellishment, but nevertheless, the contest is a sure shot to give some nice gear to 16 engineers who come out on top, and are selected by engineer Fab Dupont. Fab is clearly looking for the purest elements of a mix, including the skill, tone, space, and creativity. Each of the 16 winners will receive a free piece of audio related gear.

However, the perks do not stop there. Each of the 16 winners have a shot at some notoriety, as they will be announced on stage at Sweetwater’s GearFest 2013, which happens on June 21st. Furthermore, even if your fellow engineer buddies don’t believe that you won the awesome piece of gear for a mix, you can direct them to PureMix’s Contest page, where your name will be posted for all to admire (and for you to gloat a bit as well).

No one can deny how much of an amazing opportunity this is for any engineer, especially our MediaTech student and graduates. So honestly what are you waiting for? Head on over to PureMix at the link below, and get the stems and instructions downloaded! Good luck to everyone! I’m looking forward to hearing some mixes and seeing everyone’s own interpretation of the song!


Credit: PureMix.net

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