Peter Tissot

Director of Education, Austin

Born and raised in southern Wisconsin, Peter got his start in the music industry at a very early age. By thirteen, he had started touring professionally as a musician and making records at various studios in the area. After dabbling in almost every facet of the music world from DJing, to live sound, to licensing, Peter discovered his true passion was studio work and decided to pursue his education at the University of Texas at Austin, where he earned a Bachelors of Music in Recording Technology.

Along with teaching music production, recording, mixing, and mastering at MediaTech Institute, Peter can be found wearing many hats in the Austin music community. He has worked in studios with artists such as Patty Griffin, Ian McLagan, Suzanna Choffel, and many more.

As well as freelancing as an audio engineer, Peter still enjoys performing live and works as a bassist for many groups in the Austin area. He also occasionally tours both nationally and internationally. Along with his busy schedule he works as a repair technician for studios and producers in town and has worked on anything from mixing consoles, to vintage preamps and microphones.

When not in the studio or in his workshop, Peter enjoys his (albeit rare) free time with his lovely wife, Erin.