Gibran Nassif

Career Services, Instructor - Dept Chair, Houston

Gibran Nassif is a drummer/producer and instructor based out of Houston. With 14 years of diverse drumming, a degree in music business/performance/production from ACC, along with getting into the music business at an early age shows his passion for music.

Gibran has been a professional drummer for many established artists in the past 8 years, and has shared the stage with international artists like Awolnation, and Imagine Dragons as he participated on a 32-city national tour, working for Universal Music Group as a label rep out of Houston, and even assisted music scoring projects for motion picture and trailers, for his cousins LA based company.

Gibran now drums for  an electro power-pop group “Night Drive” as they have played big name festivals like ACL, CMJ and Lollappolooza, several music to  tv/film placements, and toured nationally. With a strong music business work ethic, Gibran also says he is a  ‘music entrepreneur”.