Dennis Tipton

Instructor Houston

Dennis’ love for radio, motion pictures and story give him a great appreciation and talent for the Media Arts. As a Film student at Sam Houston State University, Dennis specialized in Production. His first production a short film entitled, “Cup of Joe,” won The Audience Award at Film Festivals in New York, Houston, and Austin. “Cup of Joe,” is currently being made into a Feature length movie.

Dennis has lent his talents to a number of Motion Pictures, from the TV Show “Friday Night Lights” (2006-2008) to “Green Eyed Monster” (2007). His other production work includes 3rd Unit Director of Photography & Film Editor on “Deadly Obsession” and Director of Photography on “The Zombie Family: A Day in the Death”. He has also worked as a Camera Operator / Video Editor / DVD Producer on “The Steele Sisters” stage performance at the Texas Renaissance Festival and has been a Producer of several student short films, and Multimedia on projects for Barbizon USA, Spring Film Group.

Dennis’ gifts not only lie with visuals, but also with Acting. These two talents merge when he performs for Radio, Commercials, Theatre and Film.