Craig Robinson

Instructor - Dept Chair, Austin

As a young child growing up in Beaumont Texas, Craig found he had an ear for music learning piano and singing in the church choir. His curiosity tended to get him into trouble by taking apart his fathers radio. Realizing that electronics was needed to enhance his ideas, he learned how things worked and found that technology and music worked together.

In 1983, MIDI was released allowing synthesizers and computers to communicate, which opened up a whole new world for composing and capturing. As a result, in 1992, Craig enrolled in the sound recording technology (SRT) program at Southwest Texas State University (now Texas State University). Craig was one of the first students, in 1996, to graduate from the program with a Bachelors of Arts with an emphasis in SRT. Soon after, he began teaching Intro to Recording and Pro Tools as well as MIDI at Southwest Texas State University as an adjunct professor.

In April 2002, he started at MediaTech as a 101 teacher and then in 2004 as a 201 instructor bringing his experience with him to encourage and enlighten students on how to succeed as an audio engineer in the music and film/TV industries.