MediaTech Houston Graduate Spotlight – Johnnie Moutra

Johnnie Moutra just recently graduated from MediaTech Houston, and has been working with local artist Marium Echo on her album, Letters & Numbers, as a producer. I recently sat down with Johnny to speak with him about the album and his time at MediaTech.

Roy: First off, what made you want to go into audio engineering?

Johnnie: It started off just as poetry, which then developed into songwriting. After some urging from a friend, I came across MediaTech as I looked up different schools and decided to check it out. Upon coming in, I instantly knew that this was for me, and since then, everything has been a blur. audio engineering houston tx

RS: How did you come across the opportunity?

JM: I actually found it through my business partner, Breigh Dionne. She saw it as a great opportunity for both Marium Echo and myself. As the sessions began, interest from other people began to grown, and more musicians became involved in the project, and everyone associated with this project is extremely talented. I am truly grateful for everyone involved, especially all of the musicians and Breigh, who has been a huge help throughout this process.

RS: So it pays to have friends?

JM: (Laughs) Yes, it does!

RS: How did your time at MediaTech Institute help prepare you?

JM: It helped so much; I ran into problems due to my eye disease, so I had to put in a lot of work memory-wise to learn every aspect I was taught on the console. Between my education and help from everyone at MediaTech, I have learned so much over the past year. MediaTech showed me that Marketing is just as important as the recording process, and without all of this education, I would not have been able to do all that I have done.

RS: Has this opportunity lead to anything else?

JM: Yes, I will be working next with the band Unigma, and Grammy nominated artist Támar Davis.

RS: When is the release date of the album?

JM: Marium Echo’s album, Letters & Numbers comes out May 12th, at Heart & Soul.

RS: Awesome Johnnie, thank you for your time!

JM: Thank you as well!

We look forward to hearing more from Johnnie as well as all of our MediaTech Institute graduates! If you want to be featured on our Houston Graduate Spotlight, send us a message via Facebook!

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