Live Sound

Location: Dallas

The Live Sound Facility is a 5000 square foot sound stage with tie-lines to Studio A, Studio B and Studio D. With an extensive Front of House mixing system, as well as powerful stage monitoring environment and an impressive lighting system, our live sound facility can showcase many different types of productions. This stage makes a great place for your band to perform a live show, rehearse or shoot a music video.

Yamaha PM-3000 40-Ch. (FOH)
Yamaha GA-32/12 32-Ch. (MON)

Mackie High Definition 4-way towers
(8) Array Cabs splayed 4 to a side: Custom Built
Cabinets each with an 18”, 10” and horn
(6) Sub Cabs: Custom Built Cabinets with a total of:
(12) 18” drivers

Outboard Gear:
Alesis Quadraverb 2
(2) Rane GE60 Graphic EQ
Yamaha REV 7
(3) ART 355 Graphic EQ
Behringer MDX2100
Lexicon LXP-1
(4) Valley People Comp/Gate
Fully Programmable Lighting System