Grey Room

Location: Houston

When you walk into the Grey Room, the first thing you notice is the massive console at the front of this beautiful, acoustically balanced studio. The 152 input Solid State Logic G+ mixing console is responsible for over 79% of Billboard Magazine’s top 100 hits. The G+ console sets the industry bar for sonic quality and routing flexibility. Every input of the G+ console features a discreet microphone amplifier, followed by a powerful compressor/limiter that also features an expander/gate. This “processing” is followed by the renowned Solid State Logic equalizer. Every other manufacturer compares their designs to Solid State Logic. Looking through the glass gives the engineer a view of the spacious tracking room, complete with a Yamaha Conservatory Collection Grand Piano sitting next to a vintage Hammond B3 Organ with twin Leslie 122 speakers. The Grey Room features analog and digital recording via 2 Otari MTR-90 analog multi-track recorders, alongside a Pro Tools HD3 Accel digital audio workstation. With over 20 platinum records recorded in this equipment packed room, your learning possibilities can be virtually limitless.

Control Room: 24′ x 20′
Studio: 44′ x 26′, 24′ x 18′
Drum Booth: 24′ x 10’
Iso Booth: 16′ x 8′
SSL 4000+
with Total Recall 72-Chs with complete Motionworks Filmnet Syncro System
Hard Disc Recording:
Digidesign Pro Tools HD-4 Accel System (48-tracks)
Yamaha Conservatory Collection
Grand Piano
Hammond B3 Organ
with 4 Extra Pads
2 Leslie 122 Speakers


Tannoy with Subwoofer System
Yamaha NS-10
22″ Acer
42″ Panasonic Plasma
Adams 53H-X
(2) Otari MTR-90 2″
Otari MTR-10 MKII 1/2″
Tascam DA-88 (96 Tracks)
Tascam DA45HR 24-Bit DAT
HHB Burn It CD Recorder
Denon Studio Cassette Deck
Outboard Gear:
Lexicon PCM-80
Lexicon PCM-70
Lexicon 300
Eventide HD3000
Eventide H-910
Focusrite Red
Compressor / Limiter
SPL Vitalizer with Stereo Enhancer
Night Technologies EQ-3
SPL De-Esser 6926 & Transient
Pultec EQ
Urei 1178
Drawmer 1961 Tube EQ
Universal Audio 2-610
Groove Tube Vibre
Grace 201 Mic Preamp
Daking FET III
Dynachord DRP-20
TC Electronics Finalizer
TC Electronics D2
TC Electronics M2000
TC Electronics System 6000 (with Lucid ADA conversion)
Manley Massive Passive
Tube EQ
Manley Stereo Vari-Mu Tube Limiter
Tube Tech 3 Band Tube
(2) Empirical Labs Distressor
Empirical Labs FATSO Stereo
Neve 9098 Mastering Compressor
Joe Meek Stereo Opto-Compressor
Dolby 740 Spectral Enhancer
Aphex Studio Dominator II, Stereo
Compellor & Expressor
Bricasti M7
Kush Audio UBK Clariphoni