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digital film program oceanside ca

digital film program Oceanside ca

If you have ever considered a digital film program Oceanside CA to help you jump-start your career, make sure that you are looking at MediaTech Institute. With a program that provides hands-on learning from experienced professors still currently working in their respective fields, the education you receive in our digital film program is second to none. You’ll learn how to adapt a script, choose locations, understand which cameras to use and when plus all the aspects of post production and distribution after your film is complete. During your time at MediaTech, you’ll have the opportunity to create your own reel of work, so when you graduate, you’ll have a working resume to showcase your talents.

Program Outline for Digital Film Program Oceanside CA

  • Audio
  • Sound design
  • Studio production
  • Digital cinematography
  • Producing and directing
  • Physics
  • Conceptual storytelling
  • Scriptwriting
  • Editing
  • Digital imaging
  • Video
  • Acting and directing
  • Lighting
  • Fundamentals of animation
  • Motion graphics


Most of Mediatech’s graduates go on to work directly into the film industry, and that leg up was their time in the digital film program Oceanside Ca. Our campus in Oceanside, Ca is just south of Hollywood, and this proximity gives you access to some of the film industries most sought after employers, low cost of living, and a great community located in a bustling beach community.

Don’t just take out word for it, come see the brand new campus and our state of the art studio located on the beach. Our admissions staff can help plan everything from moving, affordable housing near the campus, even prospective employers while you attend Mediatech Institute for your Digital Film Program Oceanside CA.

Take the first step and call our admissions personnel at (760) 231-5368

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