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Don't miss this exciting opportunity to grab an up close and personal look at the sights and sounds behind America's best place to learn digital technologies. Fueled by talented, experienced faculty, students with initiative and drive, and a staff ready to help you use a full range of administrative services, MediaTech is exploding with opportunity to make the best out of your education experience. But it doesn’t stop there; MediaTech continues to work with you, helping you reach your career goals even after your days as a student are completed.

Come and see your future in action at our upcoming Open House events!  We have special Open House events for each campus:

Fill out the RSVP form to reserve a spot for you, your family and your friends to attend. 

We'll have lots of live music and fresh films, combined with food and drinks, information and FUN! 

Our Recording Arts program will showcase our recording and live sound studios in full swing. 

The Digital Film & Video Arts program will showcase student films and all our cool production equipment you'll have full access too as a student at MediaTech. 

The Animation & Visual FX program will showcase the latest digital technologies with amazing software and iMacs. You'll view student projects and get excited about pursuing a career as a Digital Artist. 

The Mobile Apps Development program will demonstrate the generous income potential available in the exciting career field of creating mobile apps. You'll see that MediaTech will provide you with first hand experience gained through projects that will jump start your new career.

Web Design and Development continues to be a profitable career field of creating and maintaining websites.  The need for Web Developers continues to increase for highly skilled, trained professionals able to update the content and creative keeping it a fresh, informative, entertaining and user friendly website.  MediaTech will provide you with the strong foundation in computer science and web-related material needed to purse this rewarding career.

We are looking forward to seeing you at our next Open House!