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Computer Animation Programs In Houston, TX: Disney Apprenticeships

computer animation courses houston txWhen you graduate from one of MediaTech Institute’s computer animation programs in Houston, TX, there’ll be no limit to your career possibilities.  You’ll have the opportunity to work in every industry that utilizes the talents of computer animators including entertainment, gaming, publishing and advertising and marketing.  But of course when most people think of working in the field of animation, they usually think of working in feature animation, or animated feature films.  If you’re one of those people and you want to use your diploma to work at a major studio creating movies that feature cutting-edge animation, you should consider Walt Disney Animation Studios apprenticeship and internship programs.

Disney Delivers Entertainment

Disney produces an almost-endless stream of entertainment through its large family of companies that includes The Walt Disney Studios, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Disney Interactive, ABC Television Group, ESPN and Marvel.  With its ever-growing volume of entertainment output, Disney needs to ensure that it has the skilled computer animators necessary to produce animation, layouts, lighting and compositing, modeling and more.  Professional internships and apprenticeships allow Disney to work with animators who are just starting their careers and it allows animators to learn from the best in the feature animation business.

Paid Internships And Apprenticeships Are Available

If you are accepted as a Disney apprentice, you will work in Disney’s Burbank, California offices.  The apprenticeship program accepts recent college graduates from the areas of art and animation, computer graphics, fine art, design, engineering, production and general film studies.  Apprenticeship positions are paid and candidates can choose a 3-, 6-, or 12-month option.  For the internship program, you will also work in Burbank; but internships are only available during the summer and interns are expected to return to school in the fall.  As with apprenticeships, internships are paid positions.  Both apprentices and interns work with a Disney mentor to explore all aspects of art, storytelling and filmmaking.

Give Yourself The Best Chance For Acceptance Into A Program

Find out more about applying for a Disney apprenticeship or internship and then lay the groundwork for acceptance by enrolling in one of MediaTech Institute’s computer animation programs in Houston, TX.  MediaTech Institute will give you all of the tools you’ll need to make a great impression on the apprenticeship and internship program coordinators at Disney.

Learn more about MediaTech Institute’s computer animation programs in Houston, TX by visiting www.mediatech.edu or by calling (866) 498-1122.  Let MediaTech Institute help to prepare you for the future in computer animation you’ve been dreaming of.

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