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digital animation and visual effects school dallas txHave you ever wondered about where all of those great images, animations and visual effects we love have come from? A great digital animation and visual effects school in Dallas TX like MediaTech Institute is where it all starts. We live in a world where multimedia arts play a role in everyday life. Driving to work, we listen to the newest songs humming from our speakers. We see familiar faces of celebrities on our television screen as we watch our favorite shows at night and we spend hours a week on our iPhones, adding pictures to social media sites while downloading the latest and greatest apps.

Behind the glass screen of the beloved electronic device, hands-on training and hours of hard work make possible the entertainment that we, as society, continue to enjoy. From the broadcast room in sports arenas, to the Mac Pro at a film production company, and the sound and control room of churches, application developers work hard behind the scenes to continue to bring multimedia entertainment right to our fingers.

In fact, the multimedia industry is booming with opportunity and careers. Based on statistics gathered from the Bureau of Labor, multiple salary sites, career services coordinators, and temp agencies; Mobile Applications Development and Multimedia Careers are becoming one of the top overall jobs to have. As the demand for graphics, animation, and similar features grow, so does the opportunity for someone to obtain a job in that industry.

So how does one who has always dreamed of producing music, owning a studio, creating mobile applications, designing animation for a video game, or editing a film get involved? Training and education, of course.

MediaTech is ideal for this type of training because we allow a student to focus on their goal without the distraction of “required courses”, such as English and Math, which four-year universities would necessitate. Class sizes are small, allowing students ample opportunity to get to know his or her instructor and arrange one-on-one time as needed, and real training from professionals with experience makes the learning stick. MediaTech offers a year-long, extensive hands-on training environment with the digital tools you need to succeed.

MediaTech is working toward one goal: assisting the student toward success by helping them move on to a job in the Media Arts industry. Whether it’s developing the next big social media app, producing Jazy’s multi-platinum album, creating animation for an action-packed video game, or editing videos for the local production company; the time to start a career in this industry is now and MediaTech Institute is the place to start. Call one of our campuses today to get started on your multimedia arts career.

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