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Mobile App Programming Dallas TX: Follow Your Dreams!

Mobile app programming in Dallas TX is on the rise!  Exciting news out of the MediaTech Dallas campus!  One of our very own students in the Mobile App Development Program had his app approved by Apple and it is currently available for download in the app store!  Rene Rodriguez designed and programmed the DS Candidate Prep Lite app which is an educational tool that helps reduce the need to pack extra study material when you’re not sure which module you’ll even be quizzed on. Inspiration for the DS Candidate Prep Lite App – From Rene The app came about from a Read more
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App Development Course In Houston, TX: Start Your Career In Game Apps

If you’re considering a new career in mobile apps and you want to start with an app development course in Houston, TX, you should know that there is a whole world of job opportunities available to you as an app developer.  The number of mobile apps for just about every business and every purpose you can imagine is increasing exponentially and the demand for app developers is increasing at almost the same rate.  One of the most lucrative types of apps being developed is mobile game apps.  In 2016, game apps will bring in $26 billion in revenue and in Read more
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  • mobile app programming dallas tx

Mobile App Programming In Dallas, TX: Why Businesses Need Your Apps

With hundreds of millions of people accessing the internet through their mobile devices, mobile app programming in Dallas, TX is increasingly in demand.   If you’re thinking of taking courses in mobile app programming and development, you should know that because so many people are getting the content they want through their smartphones and tablets, just about every size and type of business will be looking for the skills you will acquire at MediaTech Institute.  Here are some of the reasons businesses will be looking for your app programming knowledge: Mobile Apps Increase A Business’s Visibility When a customer downloads a Read more
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Web Design School In Dallas, TX: Learn Responsive Web Design

If you are looking for a web design school in Dallas, TX, look no further than MediaTech Institute. At MediaTech, you can be sure that you’ll learn everything you need to know about the basics of web design and about all of the up-to-date trends in the field so that you can build a great career in web design and development. One of the more important concepts you’ll learn about at MediaTech is “responsive” web design. What exactly is responsive web design and why is it important? Here’s what you need to know: What Responsive Web Design Is Responsive web Read more
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Video Production Programs In Houston, TX: 5 Stages Of Video Production

If you’re interested in dabbling in or starting a career in video and film production, you should consider MediaTech Institute’s video production programs in Houston, TX.  Video production programs will allow you to take courses in every aspect of video creation from the script to the screen.  At MediaTech, you’ll learn that there are no shortcuts in video production and that every video or film, regardless of the type, length or size, goes through these 5 stages to get to completion: 1 – Development Whether you’re creating a video or film for yourself or for a client, you must figure Read more
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Video Production Programs In Dallas, TX: Get The Career You Want

Video and film production in the digital age requires budding producers to have a specific set of skills that can only be learned in video production programs in Dallas, TX like the ones we offer at MediaTech Institute.  Digital video cameras, video editing software, wireless microphones, portable digital audio recorders and more are the tools of the trade for video and film producers and the best way to learn how to use the latest versions of each of these is by taking classes taught by experienced professionals who have worked, or still work, in the video production industry.  Here’s how Read more
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App Developer Course In Dallas, TX: Why App Developers Are In-Demand

Are you considering taking an app developer course in Dallas, TX?  If you are, then you’re on track to take your career in the right direction because app developers are in demand everywhere in the world.  Every business with any kind of web presence wants and needs an app to make it easier for their customers to find and interact with them and that means they need the skills you’ll learn in an app developer course in Dallas, TX.  These are just some of the reasons business owners are looking for custom apps:   ✦ Users Want Apps You’re an Read more
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Film Degree In Houston, TX: 5 Entry-Level Film And TV Jobs

There’s no doubt that a career in film or television is an exciting prospect and the best way to prepare for that career is with a film degree in Houston, TX from MediaTech Institute.  But you should know that having a degree doesn’t guarantee you’ll be accepting an Oscar for directing, editing or cinematography any time in the near future – or any time at all.  In fact, building a film career, whether you’re in front of or behind the camera, takes a lot of hard work that usually starts at or near the bottom with or without a film Read more
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Mobile App Programming in San Diego

Got a great idea for an app and need to learn mobile app programming in San Diego ? Look no further than MediaTech Institute in Oceanside, San Diego, Ca. Our Mobile App Development School is the most comprehensive Mobile Development course in SoCal. We have gone through the painstaking process of creating an all-encompassing education that will teach you the ins and outs of both Andriod and iPhone mobile devices. We have also screened and hired some of the best industry-savvy instructors to date. We mean business when it comes to teaching our students for the future of mobile. We Read more
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Mobile App Development Schools in San Diego

So you have an idea for the next great app, and now you’re looking for mobile app development schools in San Diego. No problem, Mediatech has you covered. Our campus is one of SoCal’s and San Diego‘s #1 choice when it comes to Mobile App Development. We have gone through the painstaking process to audit where mobile app trends are going, and have hired the best staff to teach and educate our students to compete in tomorrow’s app industry. Don’t just take our word for it, check out some of the exciting things you are going to be learning during Read more