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Web Design Course Houston, TX: Learn The Basics Of Web Design

If you’re thinking about a career in web design and you’re toying with the idea of taking a web design course in Houston, TX, consider MediaTech Institute.  At MediaTech, our instructors know about web design and development and they can give you all of the tools you need to design websites that look great and that are highly functional.  At MediaTech, you’ll learn that becoming a skilled web designer requires you to understand a few basic concepts, some of which you’ll learn in your first web design course in Houston, TX, that you can use as a basis for building Read more
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Computer Animation Courses In Dallas, TX: The Who, What And Where

With computer animation courses in Dallas, TX and a diploma in animation from MediaTech Institute, you can begin your dream career as a computer animator.  Not sure what computer animators do or what your career prospects are?  Here are some things you need to know:         Who Can Become A Computer Animator? If you love to draw and have always wanted to be a cartoonist or animator, then computer animation may be for you.  Of course, you don’t have to use computers to pursue a career in animation; but if you want a job that pays well and gives you Read more
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  • web development courses dallas tx

Web Development Courses In Dallas, TX: The Future Of Web Development

If you love computers and have an aptitude for programming and technology, you should consider taking web development courses in Dallas, TX at MediaTech Institute.  Why web development courses?  Because there is no end in sight to job growth in the web design and development fields and courses that provide you with the tools you’ll need to excel in those fields can give you the edge when you’re competing for the highest-paying jobs. Changing Technology To say that the technology involved in website design and development changes rapidly is a bit of an understatement.  The web development industry is growing Read more
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Animation Programs Dallas, TX: How To Become An Animator In 5 Steps

Animation is everywhere – in the movies, on television and in video games – which is why animation programs in Dallas, TX are so popular.  At MediaTech Institute, we offer training in all aspects of animation, from visual storytelling to motion capture to 3D modeling, and if animation is your passion, we can put you on the path to a great career.  Want to know exactly what you have to do, in addition to enrolling at MediaTech Institute, to become an animator?  Here are 5 steps to success: Step 1 – Find Out What Animators Do If you think animators Read more
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Learn Web Design In Houston, TX: Learn The Keys To Website Success

Why should you enroll in MediaTech Institute to learn web design in Houston, TX?  Because just about every business owner in Texas (and everywhere else) wants and needs an internet presence.  In the 21st century, there really is no other way for a business to stay competitive and the best way to have an internet presence is to have an expert web designer create and develop a website that is a polished, professional reflection of that business.  That expert web designer can be you.  When you learn web design in Houston, TX, you’ll find out how to create and integrate Read more
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Best Film Schools In Dallas, TX: Becoming A Better Director

At MediaTech, we are one of the best film schools in Dallas, TX and our graduates go on to a variety of careers in the movie, television and video industries.  Of the jobs that our graduates aspire to, film directing is by far one of the most popular because it combines all of the elements of movie- and video-making into one.  Directors must be conversant with every aspect of film production, from acting to editing to marketing and everything in between.  If becoming a director is your dream, here are some steps you can take to make that dream a Read more
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Mobile App Programming Houston, TX: Mobile Design Trends For 2016

If you are considering a career in mobile app programming in Houston, TX, you can be fairly certain that your job will never be boring or stagnant. Mobile app programmers and developers create apps for just about every kind and size of business and that means that no two apps will be exactly alike. In addition, mobile app programmers and developers work on the leading edge of computing technology in an exciting and constantly-evolving environment. If that sounds good, your first step is training in mobile app programming in Houston, TX at MediaTech Institute, which will make you ready for Read more
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Web Development Programs Houston, TX: Your Career In Web Development

If you have taken some web development courses that you enjoyed and are considering additional web development programs in Houston, TX, there are a few basic things you should know about what could turn into your chosen career path. What A Web Developer Is A web developer is someone who designs, builds and maintains websites and web applications for clients.  Jobs in web development can range from building an intranet to connect employees in a particular company to building a payment system for an online retailer to developing an entire website for a business or client.  If you are interested in a Read more
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Mobile App Programming Dallas TX: Follow Your Dreams!

Mobile app programming in Dallas TX is on the rise!  Exciting news out of the MediaTech Dallas campus!  One of our very own students in the Mobile App Development Program had his app approved by Apple and it is currently available for download in the app store!  Rene Rodriguez designed and programmed the DS Candidate Prep Lite app which is an educational tool that helps reduce the need to pack extra study material when you’re not sure which module you’ll even be quizzed on. Inspiration for the DS Candidate Prep Lite App – From Rene The app came about from a Read more
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App Development Course In Houston, TX: Start Your Career In Game Apps

If you’re considering a new career in mobile apps and you want to start with an app development course in Houston, TX, you should know that there is a whole world of job opportunities available to you as an app developer.  The number of mobile apps for just about every business and every purpose you can imagine is increasing exponentially and the demand for app developers is increasing at almost the same rate.  One of the most lucrative types of apps being developed is mobile game apps.  In 2016, game apps will bring in $26 billion in revenue and in Read more