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Learn Web Design In Dallas, TX: Knowledge Is Key To Great Web Design

Why should you learn web design in Dallas, TX at MediaTech Institute?  Because for aspiring web designers, the kind of knowledge that can be acquired through a web design program at MediaTech Institute is the key to making websites for yourself or for your potential clients that are successful.  Though you’ll receive training in almost every technical aspect of web design at MediaTech Institute, there are other things you must learn when it comes to connecting with a website’s potential visitors and how to make them want to stay for as long as possible and come back time and time Read more
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App Development Course In Houston, TX: Develop An App Idea In 3 Steps

When you take a MediaTech Institute app development course in Houston, TX, you’ll be taking the first step in an exciting career path that has an almost-guaranteed employment potential.  Even if you’re taking an app development course in Houston, TX so that you can develop your own app, you’ll still be learning skills that can someday lead to developing apps for other people.   One of the most important things you’ll learn is that almost anyone can come up with an idea for an app but not every idea is viable or should be pursued.  Here are 3 basic steps Read more
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  • mobile app programming dallas tx

Mobile App Programming In Dallas, TX: How Mobile Apps Increase Profits

If you are thinking about a career in computers and software development, consider learning about mobile app programming in Dallas, TX at MediaTech Institute.  Why mobile app programming?  Because mobile is the present and the future when it comes to accessing the world wide web and those who know how to create apps for mobile devices, like tablets and smartphones, will have guaranteed job opportunities.  Not only do mobile apps make life easier for users, they also increase revenue for the companies that employ them.  Here are some of the ways your mobile app programming in Dallas, TX will help Read more
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Best Film Schools In Dallas, TX: Choose A Career In Cinematography

If you’re looking for one of the best film schools in Dallas, TX, look no further than MediaTech Institute.  At MediaTech Institute, you’ll be able to get training in digital film and video arts and start your career in the exciting world of film and television production.  Directing, screenwriting and editing are some of the careers available to graduates of MediaTech Institute; but if you are creative and have an aptitude for telling a story visually, you may want to consider a career as a cinematographer.  Here are some things you need to know about the job of a cinematographer: Read more
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Animation Programs Houston TX: Become A Video Game Animator

If you want to become an animator and you love playing video games, you should know that MediaTech Institute’s computer animation programs in Houston, TX are a good way to begin a career that combines your love of animation with your love of gaming.  Video games are a multi-billion-dollar industry that is almost entirely based on animation, which means that opportunities for employment are almost limitless if you prepare the right way. What You Need To Get Started In Video Game Animation Video game animation is a subspecialty of computer animation that deals with interactive animation and the design of Read more
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  • mobile app programming houston tx

Mobile App Programming In Houston, TX: Become An iOS App Developer

There’s no getting around the fact that Apple develops products that consumers want, something that isn’t likely to change anytime soon, which means that pursuing a career in mobile app programming in Houston, TX as an iOS app developer is a great way to ensure your future job security.  With MediaTech Institute’s mobile app development program, you’ll learn the basic skills you’ll need to design and create apps for all types of operating systems, including Apple’s iOS.  To find employment, though, you must have these skills to make you an in-demand iOS app developer: ✓ You Must Know How To Read more
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Web Design School Houston TX: 7 Design Rules You Need To Know

Thinking about enrolling in MediaTech Institute’s web design school in Houston, TX?  If so, then you probably already know something about the world of online computing; but if becoming a web designer is your goal, then you’ll need to know more than just basic coding and how websites work.  You’ll need to be able to see the big picture, which includes not just how a website looks but how effectively it works for potential users.  Classes at a good web design school in Houston, TX, like those at MediaTech Institute, will give you the skills you need to create websites; Read more
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Web Development Programs Dallas TX: Web Developer Vs Web Designer

If you are a techie who loves computers and who wants to make a living building websites for the internet, MediaTech Institute’s web development programs in Dallas, TX are a great starting point.  To build a successful career online, formal training programs are a must.  Not only will they give you the tools you need to have an advantage over other job seekers; but they’ll also help you to decide which area of website building is right for you – web design or web development.  To help you to find out whether you’re a web developer or a web designer, Read more
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Web Design Course In Houston, TX: Learn How To Avoid Design Mistakes

If you’re excited about the idea of becoming a website designer and you’re thinking about taking a web design course in Houston, TX at MediaTech Institute, you should know that a course in web design won’t just teach you what how to design a website; it will also teach you how NOT to design a website.  When you eventually design websites for paying clients, your ultimate goal (and theirs) will be to attract customers to their websites and keep them there.  But if you don’t learn how to avoid these design mistakes, you may end up doing the opposite – Read more
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Computer Animation Programs In Houston, TX: Disney Apprenticeships

When you graduate from one of MediaTech Institute’s computer animation programs in Houston, TX, there’ll be no limit to your career possibilities.  You’ll have the opportunity to work in every industry that utilizes the talents of computer animators including entertainment, gaming, publishing and advertising and marketing.  But of course when most people think of working in the field of animation, they usually think of working in feature animation, or animated feature films.  If you’re one of those people and you want to use your diploma to work at a major studio creating movies that feature cutting-edge animation, you should consider Read more