Austin’s own, Broken Records, Snags a MediaTech Graduate for Engineer Work

MediaTech Austin’s Admissions Rep, Roland Roberts, got the inside scoop on a new ad agency in town, Broken Records, from MediaTech graduate AND employee, mediatech austin. Shooting the breeze over lunch at Torchy’s Tacos, Justin chatted with Roland about his role at Broken Records and what they bring to the Music and Arts scene in Austin.

Roland Roberts: What is Broken Records?

Justin Schubert: We are an ad agency with our own “in-house” Post Production Studio. We also have our own green room and live sound stage/small venue.

RR: What do you do for them?

JS: I am their Lead Audio Engineer; all the audio, Editing, ADR, Music, Mixing and Mastering.

RR: What about Broken Records sets you apart from other Ad Agencies in Austin?

JS: Other than having our own in-house Post Production studio, we actually build some of our ads around the audio/music, as opposed to the audio being made for the images themselves. It’s sort of a backwards way of approaching the project so that gives us a definite edge. We use an “audio-board” instead of a traditional “story-board”. This helps us conceptually come up with the sound we want for each advertisement.

RR: Any exciting projects coming up?

JS: We have a charity event coming up in February 2013 with HAAM, Health Alliance for Austin Musicians. We also recently participated in Austin’s 48 Hour Film Contest. Check out our Facebook page for pictures!

RR: Of course being a MediaTech graduate, I have to ask. What is your favorite piece of gear you get to work with in the studio?

JS: A Stereo pair of Empirical Labs Distressors and an LA-2A.

Follow Broken Records on Facebook and Twitter for all their upcoming projects and of course, keep your eyes on the Patchbay for more exciting blog posts!

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