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Animation Programs Houston TX: Become A Video Game Animator

animation programs houston txIf you want to become an animator and you love playing video games, you should know that MediaTech Institute’s computer animation programs in Houston, TX are a good way to begin a career that combines your love of animation with your love of gaming.  Video games are a multi-billion-dollar industry that is almost entirely based on animation, which means that opportunities for employment are almost limitless if you prepare the right way.

What You Need To Get Started In Video Game Animation

Video game animation is a subspecialty of computer animation that deals with interactive animation and the design of video games.  This type of animation usually requires formal training, the kind you can get with MediaTech Institute’s computer animation programs in Houston, TX.  With skills including acquired knowledge of movie production techniques, an understanding of movement, lighting and texture and good storytelling skills, you’ll make yourself a great candidate for an entry-level position at any gaming studio.

What You’ll Need To Advance In Your Career

Even with skills in computer animation, it can take at least a couple of years of on-the-job training using the latest technology to be able to advance beyond an entry-level job in video game animation.  You will need hands-on experience creating animated images and environments and you will need to master programs like After Effects, Flash, Final Cut Pro, Maya, Photoshop, Studio Max and more.  You must become skilled in the use of digital pens and paper, visual color discrimination and the use of digital cameras.     

Your Video Game Animation Career Step By Step

To start your career in video game animation, these are the steps you must take:

  • Complete your formal training in computer animation.  Your formal training should include learning about computer animation software, technologies involved in creating 2D and 3D images and movie production.  
  • Build a portfolio of your work that shows the skills you’ve learned.  You can host your portfolio on your own website or save it to a DVD. You can also customize your portfolio to highlight skills required by specific employers.
  • Get as much experience in the video game industry as possible, through internships, freelance work or entry-level positions (even those that don’t involve game production).  You’ll become more familiar with every aspect of your chosen field and you’ll be able to broaden your network of contacts.
  • Continue to update and improve your animation and production skills.  Keep abreast of the ever-changing technology in the field of computer animation by taking classes, going to conferences and contacting software manufacturers for information.

Your dream career in video game animation begins with MediaTech Institute’s computer animation programs in Houston, TX.  To find out more, visit MediaTech Institute online at www.mediatech.edu or call (866) 498-1122.

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