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"I cannot thank you enough for lining up my internship at Arlyn.  I absolutely love every minute of it. I'm surrounded by amazing people and professionals and I'm learning so much.  I'm still working in the Production Crew for Intelligent Lighting Design.  I can say the same for the people there too.  I'm enjoying life in Austin, post MediaTech."  

Whitney Gonzales - Recording Arts Graduate

"MediaTech provided the idea, program and opportunity for me to learn the ins-and-outs of the music industry from several different angles and meet multiple contacts, which have both proven to be invaluable."  

Brian Faries - Recording Arts Graduate

"Getting to work on SMU The Climb was an incredible opportunity, and really highlights what the MediaTech experience is all about.  I attended MediaTech because of their focus on giving students a true hands-on experience.  This wasn't a class project that ended up on a DVD to show off to our parents and friends.  This was an opportunity to work with real professionals in the industry on a project that aired on TV - a much cooler feeling than when you show it off to your parents.  If it weren't for MediaTech, I would have never been given the opportunity to work on this kind of project this early in my career." 

JD Davis - Digital Film & Video Arts Graduate

"My MediaTech experience not only enhanced my already God given abilities but it took them to a place where I could make serious use out them. That was the most fun learning I have ever had in my lifetime."

Mouse Quake - Recording Arts Graduate

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