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After several years as a successful studio owner and operator of Ruff Cedar Studios in Austin, Texas, Russell Whitaker re-located to the Dallas area to design and build from the ground up the Dallas Sound Lab studio facilities in the Dallas Communications Complex. The DSL studios quickly developed a reputation as one of the premier recording facilities in the Southwest. Grammy Award winning artists Stevie Ray Vaughan, Destiny's Child, Pantera, Kirk Franklin and talented artists alike all recorded at the Dallas Sound Lab. Television and film productions from major motion picture studios such as Paramount and Universal Studios were also an integral part of DSL's client list.



With the future of music going digital Russell recognized that digital technology made the tools to create music much more accessible to musicians, but they still needed access to the knowledge and experience on how to use them.  Fittingly Russell began offering Engineering workshops in the state of the art studios of the Dallas Sound Lab.  The success and demand of the workshops led offering more classes and seminars on industry related subjects such as Producing & Songwriting, Mixing, Mastering, & Post Production Audio, Live Sound Reinforcement and the Music Business in general.

January 4th, 1999, MediaTech Institute had its first class licensed by the Texas Workforce Commission.  The Dallas Sound Lab was now housing MediaTech Institute, a post-secondary school dedicated to training new professionals in the audio production and digital filmmaking industries. MediaTech's initial program offerings began with the Audio Engineering and Studio Techniques Diploma Program, now called the Recording Arts Program.




By 2002 it was evident that Austin, the Music Capital of Texas needed a school with MediaTech’s course offerings and superlative training.  Russell was committed to students learning in real world recording studios, that’s why he chose the legendary Arlyn Recording Studios as MediaTech Institute’s second campus.  Artists such as Willie Nelson, Sublime, Bonnie Raitt, Neil Young, Frank Sinatra and decades of world famous artist recorded their chart topping hits at Arlyn’s renowned studios.

Just one year later Russell opened another campus in Houston, Texas.  Keeping with his commitment to student’s access to industry professional facilities and equipment he chose the prevailing Sunrise Sound recording studios as MediaTech’s third campus.  Sunrise Sound has been home to many platinum-selling artists such as Morrisey and Blah.




MediaTech received Institutional Accreditation from the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC) in 2007 and reaffirmation for 5 years in 2010. 

In 2008, MediaTech Institute received approval from the U.S. Department of Education to participate in the Title IV funding program. Financial Aid allows qualified students to have access to government issued Pell Grants for education tuition (which do not have to be repaid), and Stafford loans, which are federally backed student loans.

In commitment with the schools mission to offer viable training to work in the ever-increasing multimedia job market, the Digital Film & Video Arts program was launch at the Dallas Campus in January 2011.




In June 2011 MediaTech expanded to the West Coast building its fourth location from the ground up in Oceanside, California. The industry professional facility is strategically located just North of San Diego and just South of Orange County and the greater Los Angles area offering both the Recording Arts Program and the Digital Film & Video Arts Program. 

In 2012 the Dallas Campus purchased Maximedia Studios and relocated the school to the 37,000 square foot facility. Rivaling any professional studio, the new facility blends digital technologies with time honored classic analog electronics providing students a professional environment to learn the art of recording, filmmaking and multimedia skill sets. 

In 2012 the Austin Campus also purchased a new building and relocated the school just a few miles South on Congress Ave to a beautiful 20,000 square foot facility.  The school purchased and installed all new equipment including consoles, microphones, computers, furniture and software.  Austin’s Studio A is the new home of the SSL 6000 transplanted from the Dallas Sound Lab.  Studio D is located just a mile down the road at the Music Lab.  Plans are underway to build additional studios and expand program offerings. 


This year MediaTech introduces new course offerings keeping with our mission to provide student’s unsurpassed training and education on how to create digital content and deliver it.   This fall, The Mobile Applications Program launches at the Houston campus and The Animation & Visual Effects Program launches at the Dallas campus. 

The Institute has expansion plans for the years ahead that include growing our existing offerings into degree programs, and developing new programs in gaming, multimedia and electronics.