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Question 1. Can I take a tour of the school and facilities?

Yes! This place rocks! You need to get in here and see this place for yourself. The tours usually last around 45 minutes and are a great way to learn how MediaTech can help you start your new career. Call 1-866-498-1122 to schedule your tour.

Question 2. Why should I choose MediaTech?

There are really three areas that make our school unique and a great place for learning how to create digital content and deliver it. First, we provide the students with instructors that have worked (and usually 
are still working) in the real world of what they are teaching. A book can only teach so much, but 
an instructor that's had the experience and the credits combined with hands-on training can show you
 how to deal with real world situations. Second, if you are going to work in this industry, you need to learn on superior equipment that is used in today’s industry. MediaTech frequently refreshes their campus technology, providing students with the most advanced experience available. Third, we give students a lot of studio, production and lab time. You can't learn these 
professions without a hands-on approach.

Question 3. Can I record my band, film my scripts, create my graphics or apps as a class project?

Yes. We encourage students to produce as many projects as they can and use the studios and
 equipment as much as possible while in school. We give you unprecedented access and freedom to work on your own projects and build your portfolio.

Question 4. Are there differences between each MediaTech school locations?

Yes. Very much like the real world, each of our school’s facilities is unique; however, our curriculum is consistent and the students are taught on professional industry equipment and software. Our strategically located branches give local students the opportunity to take our programs without having to move far from home and the opportunity for students to re-locate to one of our schools in an area their career field is thriving.