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DIgital Film and Video Program


In the final course of the Digital Film & Video Arts program students will utilize their skills in every process of digital film production as they make an independent movie. From business development/contract negotiations to distribution and exhibition, the entire class becomes the Production Company and the crew as they create and produce a professional digital film from Script to Screen.

Performance Objectives:

Digital Film Business
• An overview of the industry's business
• How to start up a production company
• How to create an effective business plan
• How to make an effective funding pitch for an Indie film production
• Understanding the Producer’s job
• An introduction to production, cast and crew agreements/ contracts and negotiation thereof
• How distribution works and the realities of the marketplace
• What “deliverables” are and why distributors require them
• Producing Commercial Video/ job opportunities
• Importance and creation of public relations and marketing materials

Practical Digital Film Production
• Directing and learning the language of Film
• Understanding project development
• Practical pre-production and casting
• A working knowledge of the production process and principal photography
• Participate in the post picture and post audio process in its entirety
• Create distribution master and exhibition of the production

Week 1: An overview of the Studio and Independent film systems, Production Company Formation Concept/Property Development , Producing & Business Plans, Semester Film Project Development

Week 2: Raising Funds/ Finance, Pre-Pro Introduction, Distribution Deal Negotiation, Distribution, Deliverables & Festivals , Business Plan Creation

Week 3:  Mid-term Project: Business Plan Creation & Pitch Presentation, Corporate/Commercial Video

SECTION II: Directing & Language of Film
Week 4:  Directing, Cinematography, Production Design

SECTION III: Semester Film Project
Week 5:   Behind The Scenes Documentary Production Begins and is done each day of class, The Screenplay and Shooting Script, Job Positions In Action and "The Set"

Week 6:   Preproduction, Teaser/PR Work Begins/Social Marketing

Week 7:  P reproduction, Preliminary PR/Social Marketing

Week 8:   Casting, Preproduction, Preliminary PR/Social Marketing

Week 9:   Production: The Shoot, Post Production Set Up, Preliminary PR/Social Marketing

Week 10:  Production: The Shoot, Concurrent Post Production, Preliminary PR/Social Marketing

Week 11:  Production: The Shoot, Concurrent Post Production, Preliminary PR/Social Marketing

Week 12:  Post Production, PR

Week 13:  Post Production, Special Visual Effects, Behind The Scenes Documentary Editing, PR

Week 14:  Post Audio, Behind The Scenes Documentary Editing, PR

Week 15:  Production: Final Post, Delivery & Exhibition