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Learn Live Show Production!

Learn to put on a live show from the business end to lighting!

AUD401 - Live Sound Reinforcement

The final course of the Recording Arts Program is a class designed to teach you everything you need to know about audio for live events. This class lets you experience the rush from making it all happen backstage and front of house!

You've been to concerts and felt alive! A team of hard working, technically skilled professionals worked behind the scenes to create that feeling. Our program teaches you how to make that magic and get paid for it. When you love what you do, you're alive.

Rock shows, churches, corporate conventions, political conferences and theme parks are career opportunities made up of sound, video and lighting equipment. We know the best way for you to learn live show production is to actually work on live events. That's why we have professional PA systmes and a plethora of staging and lighting equipment you'll learn how to set up, operate and tear down. Operating at the front-of-house console, you’ll mix the on-stage sound for live bands in one of live sound class venues. From stadium to classrooms you'll learn how to design and install the right audio and visual components to get the best live sound possible for any size venue.

The experience you'll gain in the Live Sound class is as close to professional live production as you can get while still in school. As you work with fellow students and instructors who all share your passion for live event production, you’ll develop the technical skills you’ll need to launch a career in this industry and transform a night (or day) at a show, gig, or convention into an unforgettable experience.