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Web Development Programs Dallas TX: Web Developer Vs Web Designer

If you are a techie who loves computers and who wants to make a living building websites for the internet, MediaTech Institute’s web development programs in Dallas, TX are a great starting point.  To build a successful career online, formal training programs are a must.  Not only will they give you the tools you need to have an advantage over other job seekers; but they’ll also help you to decide which area of website building is right for you – web design or web development.  To help you to find out whether you’re a web developer or a web designer, Read more
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Web Design Course In Houston, TX: Learn How To Avoid Design Mistakes

If you’re excited about the idea of becoming a website designer and you’re thinking about taking a web design course in Houston, TX at MediaTech Institute, you should know that a course in web design won’t just teach you what how to design a website; it will also teach you how NOT to design a website.  When you eventually design websites for paying clients, your ultimate goal (and theirs) will be to attract customers to their websites and keep them there.  But if you don’t learn how to avoid these design mistakes, you may end up doing the opposite – Read more